Video Game Players Is Not the Worst

Video Game Players Is Not the Worst

Video Game Players Is Not the Worst

worst video game football players

There is no doubt that the worst video game players are those who play them at home, but have you ever wondered why? That’s right, the reasons could be many and possibly I can show you the reasons below. So let’s get into it shall we?

Some of you might be saying: “But man, it’s high time we started worrying about football and not the video games. That’s right and I agree with you in the most part. Of course they are the two biggest games on the planet and should be treated as such UFABET. But why are the video games considered to be worse than what they would be in real life?

Let’s look at the past games and see what people thought. There were even video games for NFL football back in the 80’s. Now, people say the games are a bit old school and not the best way to enjoy yourself, but then again who really cares because the games are fun? It was the fun factor that was missing and people would rather play other games.

Well, maybe some of you don’t remember but even during this time NFL football games were pretty boring. It was just the game of a bunch of guys running around in helmets and pads trying to knock each other out. If you wanted to relax and have fun without going all out, it was not the game for you.

Even after several years of football games, the NFL still wasn’t doing enough to make it exciting. Sure, there were some great quarterbacks and pass rushers but it was nothing compared to the games being played today.

So, why are the video game players considered to be the worst in a society that loves fun? Well the reason may be found in their personalities. Football players get off on inflicting pain and sometimes that’s where the problems begin.

The actual video game players have no problem getting off on harming other people in the game. It’s a chance to show off and of course everyone wants to get noticed and maybe even winning and beating others is a thrill. If it were in reality, you can bet there would be trouble in paradise.

There is also the fact that many people play the games when the opposing team is off since the video game players are also off and watching. As a result, they don’t take the game seriously and sometimes the games turn into a bunch of killing and violence.

Now, in real life, you can bet you can hurt people if you want to. You can use fists, feet, sticks, brass knuckles, whatever. You do have to have a lot of guts to do it too, especially since you will be caught on video playing it.

In the real world, in contrast, you have to be quick, strategic, and precise in your moves. Even the best athlete has his faults and that is why they are still able to win. The worst video game players may not be able to play that way, so they end up hurting the other team.

The sad thing is, most people think the worst video game players are those who play them, but the truth is they are the ones who need to stop it. Yes, they may not be able to take off all their anger on other people, but at least they are not hurting anybody physically.

So, the worst video game players are those who harm people physically, but in reality they are the ones causing trouble. The game isn’t really the problem; it’s the violent video gamers. They need to do something about it or at least limit the amount of harm that is done in the games.


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