GIMP Tutorial on How to Design a Rubber Stamp With GIMP

GIMP Tutorial on How to Design a Rubber Stamp With GIMP

GIMP Tutorial on How to Design a Rubber Stamp With GIMP

If you’re looking for a good, easy to follow tutorial on how to design a rubber stamp with GIMP, there’s no better resource out there than this. It is by far the easiest and most intuitive way to create a stamp with GIMP. The tutorial can also be used to make small or large stamps, as well as stamps in different colors.

any tutorial on how to design a rubber stamp with gimp

After selecting an image for your stamp, the next step is to go to Preferences -> Window -> Gimp. This opens up a dialog box that will allow you to select images for your stamp. There are options to select multiple images, or use only one image at a time.

After choosing an image, then click on the stamp button All of USA . You will see that your image has been placed where you want it.

Once you have chosen an image, then go to the image browser, click on an area to select it, then press Ctrl+G. The image browser will change into a zoomed-out view and a new image window will open, containing all of the settings for your stamp.

This will bring up the Gimp section of Preferences, with Tools, Images, Image Size, Colors and Opacity. All of these settings should be obvious to you.

By double clicking on an image, you can view or edit the shape of that image. An image editor like GIMP will let you select the shapes, move them around, change their transparency and even cut them out. You can even rotate and resize them.

Click on a shape to rotate it, and drag it to rotate it. Click again to reset the rotation to its default.

To save the image, click on the Save As button at the bottom of the GIMP window. You can save it to disk or send it to someone else via email or upload it to your photo sharing account.

Another option is to save your image as a GIF image, or a PNG image, and this is very similar to the method of saving a JPEG. All of the image editing tools are still available. You will probably need to download GIMP to do this.

Once you have selected a stamp, then go to Stamp Scaling. Here you can adjust the size of the image by adjusting the Scale Bar.

This will bring up another dialog box, asking if you would like to scale a small stamp or a large stamp. Once you have selected the size, you can use the Scale Image button.

The only exception to using the scale image button is when you would like to make a larger stamp, then you must click on the larger image to change the image size, but not the image’s shape. Select the image and choose Properties, then find the Image size column, set the height to 100, the width to the width of the image, then save the image.


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