How Deep Must a Range Hood Be to Effectively Clear Cooking Vapor

How Deep Must a Range Hood Be to Effectively Clear Cooking Vapor

How Deep Must a Range Hood Be to Effectively Clear Cooking Vapor

I was asked by a chef if there is a magical amount of cooking vapor that must be effectively removed before a range hood is deemed to be functioning properly. The question came up while I was conducting a follow-up on cooking for an oven baking. I have now had the opportunity to put this question to a certified engineer for his opinion.

how deep must a range hood be to effectively clear cooking vapor

The Engineer said, the basic ingredients for a cooking vapor control system include all parts of the cooktop with the exception of a couple of elements such as the filter or grates. He also did not include the window unit since it has no bearing on cooking vapor.

If you look at the ingredients, the food is burned and some is cooked in air which contains cooking vapor. So if you want a perfect cooking process there must be a way to successfully get rid of cooking vapor from the cooktop and this will require the use of a range hood.

One thing to remember is that in every kitchen you come across, the ventilation of the kitchen and best gas stove in uae is the key ingredient in getting the most flavor and aroma from food. It is also the key ingredient in preserving moisture from melting off and spoiling the food. A good ventilation system must be used for cooking and the only way to do this is to utilize the full potential of cooking space.

Cooking for oven baking means cooking on an open fire and it does not require much ventilation. Cooking over a range hood using gas burns and this require more ventilation since the flame would emit cooking vapor. In fact, as the charcoal flame heats up, it also creates steam, which is a necessity for the success of any cooking process. So when you fire up the grill and turn on the fan and release the exhaust, this is another step that needs to be taken for optimum performance.

When I asked the Engineer if the range hood was required to be functional to effectively clear cooking vapor, he said that you could accomplish this without using the range hood. All you need to do is to create a vent so that the vapor can escape from the cooktop area. He said that a copper or fiberglass mesh could be used as a vent which will provide the cooking vapor a free flow of air and allow a very effective cooking process. In order to maximize the quality of air flow, it is a good idea to use ducts to transfer air from the oven area into the kitchen.

As far as the cooktop ventilation system is concerned, there are two types available that will meet your exact requirements. If you are satisfied with one type, consider using it since the other type will not suffice.

The first type of cooker is the chrome cooktop unit and it has a big catch. It is composed of metal plates which can withstand high heat in case of burners. It has slots on the inside to accept metal plates and vents to eliminate vapor to the exterior of the unit.

The second type of cooktop unit is stainless steel, which is more commonly used by professional chefs. This type is constructed of stainless steel plate on both sides with grill slots and a water block on the bottom of the cooker to eliminate cooking vapor.

When the cooktop ventilation system is not working properly, you will notice that the food is often burnt. There will be carbon rings that contain oxidation and the internal piping and all the parts which give cooking flavor will be coated with charred spots. The exterior of the cooker will also appear charred and this will also reduce the quality of the cooking. The cooktop ventilation system is not a problem when the problem arises because there are ways to avoid these problems. such as using exhaust fans for instance.


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