Priority Health

Priority Health

Medicare Beneficiaries: Selecting the Right Priority Health Insurance Policy

In its definition of Priority Health Care, the National Office of Vital Statistics was blunt in its statement that it is designed to protect life and ensure that vital health needs are met. In the next few paragraphs, we will look at what a full Service Health Insurance Policy has to offer for Medicare Beneficiaries.

The primary purpose of Medicare is to insure eligible beneficiaries in order to provide them with services that are essential to maintain their social security. To see whether your eligibility qualifies, you will need to obtain a social security card from your social security agency.

Once you have your social security card, you will be eligible to receive Social Security benefits through your health insurance policy. The premium for your policy will pay for any out-of-pocket expenses, like doctor visits, that you incur while receiving benefits through your Medicare Part A and Part B insurance policies.

When you obtain a Medicare Advantage Plan through your health insurance plan, you will be able to receive a higher benefit through your Medicare, which includes Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. If you don’t want to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan through your insurance provider, you can visit a hospital or physician’s office that offers a Medicare Advantage plan. You will be able to pay a small premium to use the services of an outside provider.

The premium for the hospital stay will be the same as the premium for an in-network hospital. If the hospital or physician isn’t a member of a Medicare Advantage network, then you won’t receive the same quality and quantity of services.

In addition to hospital care, the health insurance plan will provide outpatient services and health maintenance services, preventive care and prescriptions. You may also choose to purchase additional supplemental coverage for you and your family if you need it. If you need prescription drug coverage, you may choose to purchase a generic drug or purchase a prescription drug plan.

As part of the effort to save money, hospital costs are going down, but the costs of prescription drugs are increasing due to the increased demand for this drug. Although you may qualify for a Medicare Advantage policy, you will still need to purchase a supplemental insurance plan if you need to.


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